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Scott Skinner, CPA

Scott L. Skinner, CPA
Managing Partner

Scott L. Skinner, CPA

Scott Skinner, Managing Partner, is a recognized expert in his respective field of discipline. Mr. Skinner began working in the real estate industry in 1983. He worked at Kenneth Leventhal & Co. for eleven years and transcended all departments. When KL&CO merged with Ernst & Young, Mr. Skinner strategically joined Haskell & White LLP. In 2001, Mr. Skinner spun out his clientele to a separate tax consulting and compliance firm which became Skinner Fouch & Olson LLP (“SFO”). His accomplishments as an expert in real estate income tax deferral techniques and long term planning objectives are well respected by his clientele and the legal community. This is evidenced by frequent business referrals. Within the real estate discipline, Mr. Skinner was the designated REIT expert within a local office at Kenneth Leventhal, where he also headed a property tax service area and continues to serve these areas. Mr. Skinner is passionate about real estate transaction consulting and collaborates with the top lawyers in the industry.

The experience of Mr. Skinner was acquired from working with institutional and entrepreneurial situations. If you can benefit from creative income tax planning for your real estate transactions and holdings, then Mr. Skinner can be of assistance. His areas of expertise aside from real estate are domestic reporting of foreign asset ownership, structuring of inbound investments by foreigners, multistate tax reporting, and trust accounting. Lastly, one does not become an expert in real estate taxation without being a recognized expert in the field of partnership taxation along with also understanding finance and valuation.