Effective . Accessibility . ValueAdded
May 17, 2021


Purpose Statement                                     

Our purpose is to add value to the business of our clientele through transactional specific and organizational business advisory services. We offer expertise not commonly found within our profession outside of the Big Four firms, and we take pride in our ability to offer that expertise while maintaining the highest level of responsiveness and cost efficiency. Our reputation develops from knowledge of industry operational models, law, finance, valuation, taxation, and accounting. Such expertise does not come easily and is acquired through problem solving opportunities and issues that surface in a transactional driven environment.

The foundation of our business has been developed from the real estate industry. Our real estate expertise originates from working on countless real estate transactions with companies ranging from the institutional owner to the boutique developer. With such expertise, there exists a level of sophistication and efficiency in dealing with a wide range of transaction structures and organizational operating strategies. Our operational experience will be the backbone to adding value to our client’s business model. Our objective is to be viewed by our clientele as a source for high level business and tax planning advice with specialized accounting support on staff.